What is the most expensive thing when renovating a house?

The 4 Most Expensive Renovations for New Home OwnersBuild an in-ground pool. Landscaping projects can already vary wildly in terms of prices, but when you add an in-ground pool to the mix, the price can be even more expensive. More than a third, 38%, of adults in a Clever survey of 1,000 people said the prospect of major repairs was their greatest fear of buying a home. Half, 47%, cited hidden fears as their main concern.

If you are a prospective homebuyer, make sure you do due diligence before you close a deal. Whether you're visiting the place yourself or falling in love without being seen (like the 2 out of 5 millennials willing to buy a home they've never been to), experts recommend getting an inspection. To keep your renovation costs manageable, determine the budget you can afford and use the best and most engaging renovation ideas that fit it. If you are looking for a home repair or if you are ready to undertake your own renovation project, here are 6 of the most expensive home improvement projects, ranked.

Since Americans spent much more time at home last year, many homeowners are turning to renovations or repairs to maximize their comfort. The most expensive parts of renovating a home are remodeling the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, replacing the roof, building outdoor areas, and adding central heating or an air conditioning system. Often, when buying a home for repairs, many future homeowners underestimate the cost of remodeling a home, leaving them stunned when they set out to renovate particular areas of their home.

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